As many readers will know, Ubiquiti UniFi is an incredibly useful and versatile set of hardware and software technologies used for creating wireless networks.

The central controlling software, simply known as UniFi, can be deployed as a hardware appliance called a Cloud Key or installed as a Java web app on workstation or server.
If installed as a Java web app the application must be running for certain features such as guest portal to work, in addition for a cloud connection to be established the software must be running also. This poses and issue when the software is installed on a workstation as users have a tendency to shut the software down, whilst this does not prevent the wireless access points from functioning, the more advanced features of the platform are disabled.

To combat this issue, Ubiquiti allow the software to be installed as a service via some arcane command line switches and manual config generation. Why they don't simply provide a service install method is anyone's guess.

To that end I have created a simple BATCH installer for bootstrapping Ubiquiti UniFI as a service on any Windows platform.

You can grab the most up to date version at GitLab.