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Adam Heathcote

Senior Systems Administrator at University of Tasmania

My passion lies with Open Source and free software based systems such as Linux.

Creative Thinking
Team Work
Hard Working
Fast Learner
Problem Solving

Skills and Technologies


Senior Systems Administrator
University of Tasmania

July 2022 - Present, Launceston

The University of Tasmania is sole University in the state of Tasmania and provides higher education services to both the island and further afield on mainland Australia.

  • Manage and provision the entire Linux/Unix server fleet.
  • Build new Puppet modules + Ansible playbooks to aid in provisioning.
  • Manage the fleet of Linux workstations and their standard operating environment.
  • Maintain Red Hat Satellite and Canonical Landscape.


June 2016 - April 2022, Launceston

Development Manager

March 2021 - April 2022

  • Manage the team of developers and allocate resources and time to both the development and network teams.
  • Design and conceptualise new projects and manage exisiting ones.
  • Manage the fleet of servers comprising various configurations such as bare metal, self hosted hypervisors (KVM), and AWS.
  • Design and architect new server infrastructure and deployment practices.

Dec 2019 - March 2021

  • Assist the development team with infrastructure stand up and design.
  • Handle all server related systems or deployments.
  • Design and conceptualise new systems and development projects.
Technical Specialist

March 2019 - Dec 2019

  • Install new infrastructure.
  • Assist business clients with NBN and VoIP installs, queries, and issues.
VoIP Technician and Technical Support

June 2016 - Feb 2017


Systems Administrator
Esperto Group

March 2017 - Dec 2018, Launceston

Esperto is a local IT support and cloud integration company.

  • Responsible for all client networks and servers
  • Implementing of new technologies and ideas



Learning HUGO to build this very site on my own self hosted hypervisor.

authentik SSO
authentik SSO

Migrating all of my disperate applications hosted at home to an SSO solution based on authentik.

AWS Modernisation Project
AWS Modernisation Project
Project Lead and Architect March 2021 - December 2021

Moving from vertically scaling and managed EC2 to a combination of RDS, ElasticSearch, Route53, and horizontally scalable EC2 with Elastic Load Balancers.

Launtel FORM (FailOveR Manager)
Launtel FORM (FailOveR Manager)
Project Design and Backend Development February 2020 - August 2020

A system for managing backup connections and a portal for end users to be able to manually force a connection failover.

Multi-Tenant Queuemetrics
Multi-Tenant Queuemetrics
Architect March 2019 - April 2019

Dockerised Queuemetrics instances easily deployable per hosted voice tenant.

Multi-Tenant Captive Portal
Multi-Tenant Captive Portal
Software Lead March 2019 - December 2019

An external and multi-tenant friendly captive portal solution for the Unifi wireless system.

Festivale WiFi
Festivale WiFi
Network Design & Deployment Febuary 2019 - Febuary 2019

A huge wireless network deployment with mixed fixed line and point to point backhaul for free internet during the three day event.

Multi-Tenant PBX Dockerisation
Multi-Tenant PBX Dockerisation
Concept and Realisation August 2021 - October 2021

Conversion of a legacy PBX infrastructure into a Dockerised and scalable solution.